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Provide Best Product for Your Precious Baby
22 Jul

Every new born baby is a precious gift from God to the family. After ten months of anticipation, the parents finally meet their baby. All the excitement pours out as the first cry of the baby was heard. As a first time parent, everything seems unfamiliar and disquieted. Each parents would definitely want to give their baby the whatever’s best they can find in the world. If you are still bothered where you can find the best suitable products which quality and price all comes in one, can definitely satisfy your wish. One of their product is a all in one set for mommy’s most precious baby. Different sets come with various combinations such as gloves, shoes, hat, bib, towel, jacket and pajamas that are comfortable and safe for your baby to wear. Moreover, these products under the baby set sections has great discounts which makes these products more affordable for families that have newborn baby. There are also 3 in 1 cute and soft pillows provided for your baby which only cost as low as 192 pesos. A good baby pillow is very important for newborn babies because a newborn baby’s head is soft and fragile na needs extra care. brings you the best product with the most reasonable price to meet your baby’s need.

Taking care of your baby must be fun but at the same time, it is tiring. Especially when the babystarts to spill food and drinks all over their clothes. It is a mess for sure! Waterproof bibs is good for babies that spills food on clothes. Unlike normal bibs, it is reusable and washable. It costs as low as 242 pesos in and you could get your package within 1 to 2 days in Manila. There are several designs and colors for you to choose which ones fits your baby. Normal baby bibs or bandanas are sold too! It is used to make your baby look more fashionable. Moreover, it can be used as a towel to wipe off your baby’s saliva. These bandanas cost under 100 pesos. On the other hand, bathing a baby is also a challenge for these cute babies’ mommys. Most of the babies are afraid of water, therefore, it is best for mommies to give their babies best bath experience. From shampoos to bath gels, most mommies will chose Johnson's’ Baby Shampoo. How bout baby sponge? Baby sponge can be used by adding an ample amount of bath gel and water mixed together to create more bubbles which is easier to wash out. It is important to to leave any single soap bubbles on the baby’s skin to prevent sensitivity. 3 in 1 Animal Design Baby sponge sold in can be your number one choice. Aside from its’ cute designs and nice quality, these 3 pieces of baby sponge only costs 80 pesos!

As a responsible mommy, you have to choose products that are with good quality for your little precious ones. You can trust baby products because it is a trustworthy retailer and wholesaler therefore they have lower price compared to other brands and company. With Kily.Ph your baby is well taken care of.