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Buy a Bag to Reward Yourself
29 May

After 3 consecutive busy months from November to January, I finally can enjoy my time in my hometown Butuan City, it’s a beautiful place, the place is a  somehow a combination of urban and rural, to be more accurate we can call it a green urban community, the place is so clean, that the sewage water is clear, where you can almost see the bottom, but the place is not like a deserted area like rural mountain areas, there is still malls and everything, but the things sold in the malls here are not very high class, some of them are even outdated, so I went on the internet and search and search for fashionable bag, footwear, clothing, and accessories. And finally that there is this one website name which is selling a wide range of products and has a very friendly crew of customer service. I first doubted what to buy because of their pricing, the price was so friendly that I think it might affected the quality, but I was left with not much choice since the fashionable things and in trend designs are not available in my home town I have to try and try till I find a trusted website, but I was lucky with my first try, the first website I tried was great, I bought a bag that has a small purse attached to it, the bag has adequate space for me to store my things and the small purse really offered me so much convenient, because I don’t have to open my bag every time and take out my wallet just to put some coins in, the small purse on the bag was a tricky and smart design for a bag. Set aside the convenient feature of the bag, the bag is also very nice looking and fashionable, and when my friends ask me about how much my bag costs, I let them guess, there were wild guesses but none of them got close, the closest price they said was 1800 and that’s the closest they got, one of my childhood friend who also have worked in Makati before gave me a guess of 6000 pesos, well if we put aside the brand name of the bag, the bag has really some high class luxury quality of branded bag brands. I guess you guys are also curious on how much my bag costs, it just costs me 480 pesos only. I haven’t tested on the endurance of the bag I bought because I have only got it for 2 weeks, but for a person like me who’s quite not delicate with my stuff the bag still looks like new for 2 weeks of rough use, I’m the kind of person who puts almost everything in my bag and doesn’t care if it is place on the floor or not, but the result was quite good, I haven’t spotted a tear or scratch on the surface or bottom of my bag so I really recommend to other people like me who lives in a mix rural urban area where access to fashionable bag and other stuff is limited.