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Wall Stickers To Create a Wall of Art
22 Jul

 Have you ever felt that you need to decorate your room more? Have you ever felt that your room looks too pale or too empty? A pale and empty room can make me feel lonely and I’m sure that I’m not the only one out there that feels like that. The loneliness was Inevitable and I can feel it every time I go to my condo,  I have felt that when I started my college life, I’m from the province and was accepted by one of the good universities in manila, so I have to move to manila alone without my family and friends, I was all alone here in manila,I have to get used to so many things and one of them is loneliness.

        The school life was great, it kept me busy, I was able to make new friends but the after school time is so too lonely especially when I’m staring on four white walls of my condo, it was during that moment that a idea of decorating my empty white walls began, but the problem now is that I’m not a good painter or have artistic skills for drawing and even if I put decorations it will make my room feel crowded so I started to think what I can do, so I ask the help of google, like most of us do, when we have questions we try to look it from the internet, and there it was, wall sticker, as usual, roam around the internet, checking out wall stickers and I found so many wall sticker but most of them are just too childish, some are too boring, so I went and went on searching the net till I found this online shop call , at I was able to find wall sticker that suits my style, they are not overly too colorful, they not boring but also not childish, they have very artistic wall sticker that keeps the emptiness and loneliness out of my condo, the wall sticker from makes my room look so alive that it really did help make my mood better whenever I’m alone in my condo.


      There was time that I also wondered it might just me, and it might just be the style of wall sticker at kily,ph suits me, but when my friend visited my condo she was surprised on the wall sticker and really really like them, me thinking that she is my friend, it my be just a coincidence that we both like the same wall sticker, but when my other friends visited my condo for a group project, all of them really like how I design my room with those wall sticker so they all ask me where I bought them and we made a bulk order at and we started our trend of decorating our condo walls with beautiful wall sticker to make our rooms look alive, my purpose of writing this wall sticker is to help those college students like me who come from the province and felt emptiness and pale because of facing four white walls every day after class, I’m hope decorating your walls with wall sticker will help because it did work for me.