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The Emotional Attachment to Wall sticker
22 Jul

 Wall sticker is part of my childhood memory and my attachment to it has never die out. As I little boy around 5 years old I will ask my grandparents if they have extra centavos for me to buy one or two wall sticker of my childhood superhero. My first childhood superhero was Altman, I know Altman because I was influence by one of my kindergarten friend and I still can remember his name, his name is Zhijian, a Chinese term for strong integrity and strong courage. He used to make Altman out of clay and I was so curious I ask him what he is making, and our friendship started there, to cut out the five hundred words short narrative we skip that part, let’s go back to me asking few centavos from my grandparents about and going to the small wall sticker store to buy my Altman wall sticker. As I grow older,  I start to buy different superhero wall sticker, ranging from superman, batman, spider man then from there I shifted my superhero to singers, as I approach my teenage years, I start to love Korean pop stars and I have been saving my money to buy their wall sticker, albums and fliers.

        That time, their wall sticker, albums and fliers is so expensive for me and I treasure every each one of them. As time pass and started my college life, I have to move to a far from home college to pursue my education, therefore I have to rent a condo and the nearby condos of the school I’m about to attend is a little old, and the new condos are just overly expensive, so I got my budget and look for a condo that is well at above an average level. The condo was clean and has everything, but there is one thing that is not perfect about it. The walls of the condo has some small dirts on them, more like something was pinned there before and got remove, there is also some small paints that fell off, but anyways, the price was cheap enough and the only problem was the wall, so I move in there but every time I got home from school and see my condo walls I really get upset especially when my professors give me a hard day and that contributed to me having a sad college first trimester. One day I was cleaning my drawers and I found this wall sticker from my old stuff and I got an idea that I decorate the imperfect parts of the wall with wall sticker. After I did the first round decorations, I felt that my room look messy, there’s superhero, there’s Korean pop stars and they just mess up badly. So I went on the internet and search for wall sticker and I found a website call with lots of wall sticker like nature, flower and others, so I Immediately purchase from and decorated my room with nature wall sticker and it feel fresh and lightens my mood every time I return from school.