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Tops the fashionable or Tops the comfortable?
22 Jul

Well, choosing the tops that we want to wear for the day sometimes does bother us, because we don’t really know what to wear, especially when we want to choose between the comfortable ones, the fashionable  ones or the plain ones. But let's just put our focus on the comfortable tops and fashionable tops. We can break the two down to our preference, me when I’m working I prefer to wear the comfortable tops and enjoy my work, but my colleague who is a really pretty person likes to wear fashionable when working, well both of us enjoy our work, I feel relax on comfortable tops, she feel natural on fashionable tops, but I think there are more people like me who prefer the comfortable topswhen they are working. When doing shopping in the malls, my boyfriend prefer to wear comfortable topsand I prefer to wear the fashionable, his reason for comfortable tops is that he says wearing comfortably allow me to enjoy shopping at a more relaxing state, me, my reason for wearing fashionable tops when shopping is I feel that I need to keep a certain standard of appearance especially when I’m entering high class luxury stores, I don’t wanna look not neat and get a questionable look from the sales clerk. When doing exercise I think all of us enjoy wearing comfortable and not fashionable, wearing comfortable topsgives us convenience of moving around and feeling better when working out.


         The answers that I gather from my colleagues, my friends, and my boyfriend gives me an the conclusion that all of us wear tops depending on what we think is comfortable, but there is 2 kinds of comfortable that we can differentiate, on the occasion that my boyfriend enjoy wearing comfortable tops going to shopping in the mall and my colleague wearing fashionable tops going to work, 2 person who don’t know each other tells me that there is two kinds of comfortable we our mind requires. One is the physical comfort, for instance my boyfriend shopping in the malls, because the actual comfort he get is something he feel with his five senses, and on the other hand, my colleague requires fashionable tops when working, this is comfort of the mind, the mind of my colleague feels uncomfortable when she doesn’t wear fashionable tops which in her mind, the tops that is actually giving her brain comfortable state of mind. For me comfortable tops doesn’t have to be expensive or branded because we are wearing them not to show any social class, fashion trend or showing off the prestige value of our tops. Wearing comfortable tops in the physical sense is just our senses want to feel comfortable when we are doing things, so whenever I want to buy comfortable tops I go on the internet and buy, one of my favorite stores from online is because of the nice and smooth quality of the clothing they use on their tops.