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A Piece of Beautiful Beach Towel to Add Up Your Vibes on Summer
22 Jul

Summer is close and our preparation going to the beach should be already in the process, for those who haven’t started, you should be in a rush, why? Because there are so much things to do before anyone or at least for me, there are so much things to do before going to the beach, I need to workout, get slim, shake those excessive fats off my body and buy everything I need before going to beach. For starters, choosing the right kind of sunblock, swim suit, proper diet and proper workout. After choosing them it is time to shop for those items that will enhance our beach experience. Swimsuits will make us stand out, sunblocks doesn’t make difference of us with other people but we still need to choose carefully to avoid those nasty sunburns.

        So what else aside from swimsuits? It is our beach towel, why do I say so? Because I have recently discovered new kinds of beach towel, I don’t know if I’m just outdated or they are really new kinds of beach towel, there is this pizza shape like beach towel, that will make us look like toppings on top of it, there is also the more artistic Aztec type of round beach towel, I got the Aztec beach towel, because the color matches my two piece swimsuit and its’ round shape really stands out, the pizza round beach towel attracts too much attention for me, it is cute and funny. Almost forgot to mention where I got them, I got those nice beach towels from it is an online shopping website that has lots of cool and unique stuff that will really make you stand out in the crowd, they don’t just sell beach towel, but they also sold swim suits, and that is where I got my swim suit from. The quality of the round beach towel I got from is made out of smooth raw materials, the quality of the image imprinted on them are very detailed that they look so expensive some people might think they are worth at least a few thousands but the reality is the price is unbelievably low which is it just costs me around 300 pesos. When I first order my beach towel, I thought it might take a while for it to arrive, but the truth is it only took 3 days to arrive which is unexpectedly fast, the reason for saying it is fast is because I have been buying things from the internet and they sometimes take longer than 10 days, which is very stressful when you need them and is planning to use them for a certain event, the fast delivery of my beach towel isn’t the only reason I like to buy from, but also the good customer service they have, they reply so fast and they really give satisfying answers to my questions, I almost forgot to mention, aside from my beach towel, my 2 piece swim suit also arrive in just 3 days from the time I placed my order which makes the delivery speed of this company quite reliable.