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22 Jul

When I was in college, our school has a wash day and we don’t have to wear our uniforms every Friday, but that didn’t make me happy because I’m bad with pairing tops with any clothing, so it is very head aching for me every Friday for i don’t know what to pair my tops with, or are my tops really that bad looking that it is very hard for Anyone to pair them with anything. So I started to buy fashion magazines to make my tops better pair with my shorts, skirts or pants, and it didn’t work as well as I expect the fashion magazine, and I think I just really don’t have the talent or don’t have the proper and correct tops to pair with my bottoms. I think it is 50 50 that I don’t have any reward from the book because I’m tops aren’t really just that nice and looks far from the tops I have. So I burn my fashion magazine, just kidding, I didn’t spend my time on the magazine anymore so I look into online fashion, and the results? Just the same with the magazine I bought, and one coincidence I saw this website call and they have lots and lots of things I can buy from. I stayed on the website and I think their topsare really not expensive and they have photos of people doing pairing if those tops and from the site, I can buy any clothing worn by the fashion model in the website so when I buy any tops from I usually buy also their bottoms, and their customer service were very kind and nice so they really help me out a lot and that help me save plenty of time. The tops and everything else from is not expensive at all, and their tops  are really nice and fashionable, I have been wearing the tops I bought from and it is still of good quality and I think my money’s worth exceeded my expectations for a low price tops . After I have establish my own style because I have learn the style of pairing tops with other clothing, and thanks to for their fashionable photos and friendly price products.

        Now that I have bought a couple of tops from and a few bottoms from their site. I no longer felt headache when it is wash day and now I am more than looking forward to it. Lots of my friends really told me and ask me where I learn to pair my tops with my clothings, and what brand my tops are because their quality looks very nice and felt really comfortable because of the fabric. So I really recommend the website to anyone who is experiencing this kind from problem like wearing or pairing which tops with my other clothes or where to buy fashionable tops.