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The Important Things To Take Notice Of When Buying a Towel for Oneself or For Any Other Person.
22 Jul

First things first, the reason why we buy towels is because when we are wet we need it to wipe us clean but in many other circumstances, the towels is not only used for wiping our body when we are wet, towels are sometimes used as carpets when we go to beach so we don’t lie down on the sand and cover ourselves with pellets of sand, on other instances like a rainy cold weather, but it is not that cold we can add a towels to keep us warm but not hot, because most blankets are too thick and feels hot when we duplicate it. There are also instances in relief operations, towels are used as blankets because they are thin but they are also good in keeping us warm, an example of towels being distributed during relief operations is the Yolanda typhoon which devastated so many homes and destroyed so many families, during this operations, towels are part of the relief goods because lots  people doesn’t have clothes or dry clothes and they are suffering from cold temperature and towels save a lot of them from suffering and getting fever.

        Now going back to the qualities of a good towel, let me start with the water absorption quality of the towels, the towels should be able to absorb the water right away when we wipe our body because it will stop us from getting cold and make ourselves warm quickly which is especially important for cold countries.

        The second thing to take notice of is the thickness of the towels because thicker towel tend to last longer and they are also softer compare to thin towels when they are dry, thicker towels also normally has better water absorption qualities and they are good to keep oneself warm during cold environments.

        Third thing is the softness of the towels, if the towel is too rough, it will hurt our skin, especially if it is used on babies and children, if the towel is rough it might not just hurt them but it will possibly wound them.

         Fourth thing, the design of the towels, if the towels look ugly or is lousy, young kids might not like them, and for us adults who will be going to the beach will surely not bring our towels that is ugly even if the towels are super soft, super good with water absorption and super thick that is very good to use as a mat on the beach sand we will still not bring it, we will prefer the nice looking towels that doesn’t have good water absorption, doesn’t feel soft and isn’t thick at all.

        Therefore  the looks is also a very important thing to consider when buying a towels. These kind of towels are not very hard to find, me myself change all the towels in our family because I was able to discover them in and they are quite price friendly and have all the good qualities for a towels.