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Sneakers: Your Must Have!
22 Jul

Sneakers are now everyday footwear, they are fashionable, comfortable and durable, but some sneakers are just too expensive, especially the ones that are branded or sponsor by stars, whether they be movie stars, singers, or sport athletes. Sometimes the sponsor or branded sneakers they are not just expensive but they are also ugly. Sometimes when we buy sneakers we like to buy more than one because If we buy only one sneaker and wear it again and again, the sneaker will get worn out quickly and the design or style we like very much about the sneakers will look old and not as pretty as we bought them new, so it is actually more ideal to buy more pairs of sneaker and wear them equally to keep them new. Buying many pairs of sneaker is a simple solution but sneakers aren’t cheap and cheap sneakers aren’t durable or aren’t pretty. So instead of buying one or two branded sneakers, we can opt to buy many pairs of sneakers that is not branded, but has a very nice looking design and is very durable. The problem is where to buy such a sneaker that is durable, that is good looking and that is not that expensive.

        Turning to online shops and bazaars is a good way and place to look for those not expensive, not branded, but good looking and durable sneakers. The problem with bazaars is that they are not often, they are only organized seldom, and not every bazaar we will be able to find the sneaker that we like, so it might take some time and effort before we can find a pair or two sneakers that suits us. The only practical thing left if to search through the internet, the internet has almost infinite number of sources we can slowly search and look for, so starting from the social sites like facebook and instagram, we can find what we like and what we need, but we have to send money first and some of them are actually scammers which we cannot deny, the security level of buying from social websites is low. The next thing we turn to is lazed and shopee, these are two major online business shopping centers that has millions of products for us to search, we can find any kind of sneaker we like as long as we spend enough time in searching the net. The good side with these two big shopping websites is that their quality cannot be assure, you might be able to buy 10 pairs of nice sneakers but with those 10 pairs, if your not lucky you might get 3-5 pairs that look far from the picture or photo from what we see from the website. The reason for this is that there are too much sellers and what we buy is not from one seller but different sellers from the same online shop. So the best choice is actually buy sneakers from independent online stores because these independent online stores are selling what they have and not mix up products from many different websites so it more consistent and ideal to buy from these websites and one of the website that I really recommend is, because I have purchased a few pairs and as of the moment I’m satisfy with the price and the picture of the product is very similar to the actual object.