KILY.PH understands the age of online world, it brings up a lot of opportunity even having business without any capital needed. With just one click you can reach more customers.

That’s why KILY.PH opens an opportunity to those who wants to earn or to have a business online.

   You choose the right avenue here at KILY.PH offers the best and the most affordable prices you can see online, we offer a very exciting discounting program that all our re-sellers and wholesalers can avail big discounts.

   We don’t require any ID’s or validation documents to become our re-sellers we are open to all who wants to sell our products online or offline,

We Also Offer Drop Shipping

3 Easy and Simple steps on how to become our re-seller 

1.Sign-up on our website and activate your account – Click here to Sign up

2.Grab all the pictures of products you want to sell online and post in on your selling platform Facebook, Instagram and etc.

3.Once you have orders purchase it using your account.

Terms and Conditions

·KILY.PH will not be held any responsibilities whatever transactions that our resellers have their buyers.

·KILY.PH will never contact the clients of its re-sellers, All communications will only be with re-seller for drop-ship orders

· KILY.PH allows re-sellers to use the product photos in our website, However KILY.PH does not allow re-sellers to use the company logo

·If drop-ship orders are determined to be shipped in good condition, and have been altered by receiver, we will not allow return or replacements

·Please take note that if you re-sell our products it means you agree with all our terms and conditions